Tile Cleaning

Are You Tired of Scraping That Calcium Line When You Could Be Swimming?

MaxxClean Pool Tile, Pebble Tec & Deck Cleaning System

The MaxxClean Pool Cleaning System Safely Removes Calcium, Mold, Mildew and Hard Water Deposits from your swimming pool tiles, or water feature tiles.

The MaxxClean system utilizes a standard 3500 psi pressure washer with an environmentally-friendly soft abrasive mineral blasting media that gently removes calcium, mold, mildew and hard water deposits from the tiles, walls and deck of a pool.  The abrasive is aggressive enough to remove the toughest deposits, but gentle enough to not damage the grout or scratch the tile.

MaxxClean Overview:

  • Naturally Mined Mineral Salts
  • 100% silica-free
  • Water soluble
  • Safe on tile, grout and plaster
  • pH neutral

 The Reasons NOT To Use The Glass Beads On YOUR Pool Tile. 

Glass Beads (Crushed Glass) Can Cause:

  • Eye Injury
  • Skin Irritant
  • Inhalation Danger
  • Slip & Fall danger
  • Damages Pumps & Sweepers
  • Damages Tile Glaze

Instead Of Glass We Choose To Use Mineral Salts because they are safe people, pets and plants and they are safe for any of your tile surfaces.  There is no danger of slipping on glass beads, or inhaling any of the harmful dust created by those methods.  Our method is more environmentally safe and just as effective.

NOTE: All Tile Work Will Be Quoted Before The Work Begins And Will Not Change.

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