Swimming pool water collects minerals over time which cause “Parts-per-Million” to exceed recommended levels. Once this happens the inability to balance swimming pool chemicals leads to water that makes an individual’s skin become itchy. Throw in expensive pool equipment not functioning properly and wearing out prematurely and this leads to the famous Television Commercial regarding oil changes in your car: YOU CAN PAY ME NOW … OR PAY ME LATER” and that is why I stress to our clients a regular check of solids parts per million (Not above 400 Parts Per Million) along with a regular swimming pool maintenance schedule. We would be more than happy to refer a good pool maintanence service.

As a swimming pool cleaner we are able to complete swimming pool drains and a green swimming pool cleaning service anywhere between four to five hours. Arizona Pool Drain is a company based on fast Professional Work and the courtesy and friendliness that every customer should get.

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