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   Our Acid Wash

First we drain the water from your pool. While the water level is dropping we pressure wash the entire pool to make sure there is no debris on the walls or floor.

Once the pool is empty, we put on protective gloves, chemical goggles and rubber boots, and a breathing mask to protect us from acid fumes.

We then start mixing our water and muriatic acid. The delution will vary depending on pool plaster condition or maybe you have a pebble tec. We mix this in a chemical friendly pump sprayer which gives us more control on the application.  Always add the acid to the water–never pour water into acid.

First, we do a large section of the bowl and then we spray the pool walls with your the garden hose and apply the acid/water mixture down the side of the pool. The delution factor is very important as to not damage your pool surface.

     We wait about half a minute for the acid to do its work, and then we scrub the walls with an acid brush. After scrubbing, we thoroughly rinse the wall section once more and then move on to the next section.

We work our way around the pool, wetting the walls, washing and scrubbing and then rinsing to remove any acid on the walls.

We then neutralize the acid-wash water in the bottom of the pool by adding at least two pounds of soda ash for each gallon of acid and give the pool a final rinse.

After we have neutralized water with the right amount of baking soda, then and only then we drain the remainder of your pool.

Now You Have A Nice Bright Pool Again Brought To You By ” Arizon Pool Drain.”

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    "We recently decided to have our pool drained and cleaned by Arizona Pool Drain - we were VERY happy with the results. The process was much quicker than I would have imagined possible - the owner was very courteous and pleasant and took a lot of care with our pool. The pool looks great and we would definitely use their service again in the future (the price was very good too!)."

    Lezlee Hays

    "When it was time to drain my pool, I called several companies. Their prices were nearly twice what Arizona Pool Drain charged me. Rich was courteous, prompt and professional. I will use them in the future and highly recommend them to anyone."

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    "I was very happy with the service provided by Arizona Pool Drain, as well as the promptness of scheduling an appointment. The pool was so much clearer after the servicing, and I would recommend their work for anyone in need of professional and courteous service. Good luck with your business."
    B J Jacobs
    Tempe, AZ

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